iTunes 11.03 update is all about the music

Remember when iTunes was all about music, and less about irritable avians and the goings-on in Westeros? Good times, man. Good times. It appears somebody at Apple does, as the latest update to iTunes adds features related primarily to music playback.
That I did not see coming, but then it’s been a very long time since iTunes was just about tunes anyway. The headline feature of the update is a new MiniPlayer with accent on album artwork, although there’s no indication that iTunes will actually start getting my album artwork correct in any case.
It’s also possible to view song playlists from the miniplayer, as well as browse your iTunes library from the smaller view. Album artwork should also now appear in songs view, and albums with multiple discs should now appear as a single album. Larger iTunes libraries (I’d be guilty there) should apparently see performance updates as well. The update mentions security fixes, but looking over the linked security update page, there’s no mention of 11.0.3 as yet.
I run iTunes via a Mac, where it is the default player, but what I’d be curious to see is whether the PC version gains significant performance upgrades, as it’s the single largest complaint I see against iTunes from Windows users.
In related Apple news the fifty billionth app got downloaded, and I didn’t win anything. Dagnabbit.
Source: Apple

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