Is there anything Malcolm Turnbull didn't invent today?

It’s Friday. It must be Friday. That can be the only reason why my Twitter feed is ablaze with all the stuff that Opposition Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull invented, right?
It’s actually in reaction to a statement made by Tony Abbott in which, according to reports (here’s Luke Hopewell from Gizmodo’s version, for example) he stated that:
“[Malcolm] virtually invented the internet in this country.”
Which is, any way you choose to look at it, a massively dumb thing to say.
Twitter didn’t agree — to put it mildly — and so a game of working out all the other things that he’s invented has sprung up around the #ThingsMalcolmTurnbullInvented hashtag.
My favourites so far, in no particular order:
Kerry Packer Proof Vest
Nyan Cat’s pop-tart body and the original soundtrack
Sea Monkeys
The mankini
The Datsun 120Y
The theory that a cat can haz cheeseburger
The Matrix (not the movie, the actual Matrix)
Dignified political discussion? No, not in any way shape or form; arguably it’s more of a letting off of steam combined with a semi-humorous reaction to the week’s rather tumultuous political events. Somehow, I suspect Malcolm Turnbull will take it in his stride. There’s even part of me that suspects he’ll work out a way to throw it into his next speech.

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