Humble Indie Bundle 8: Now with more Awesome

Dammit, I do not need more games. I really don’t. But when the Humble Bundle crew keep putting games packs together that are just as flat out good as this, how can I resist?
Seriously, Humble Bundle? Dear Esther, Thomas Was Alone, Capsized, Awesomenauts, Little Inferno, Proteus and Hotline Miami in one pack, and you expect me not to buy it?

With the average still sitting under six bucks at the time I write this, that’s stupendously good value for just, say, Hotline Miami and Thomas Was Alone… alone! The latter was one of my best games of 2012 over at Kotaku, and since getting Thomas Was Alone via PSN, my daughter hasn’t played anything else. Although I shouldn’t let her play Hotline Miami under any circumstances at all. A great game, but not one for the younger set.
Source: Humble Bundle

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