How often do you take a rest from technology?

I doubt too many people would be surprised to learn that I’m rather fond of gadgets, leaning towards the possibly-addicted. Still, I reckon it’s vital to maintain a healthy balance between the information that technology makes nearly instantly available and that other thing. You know. Life.
Over at the Centre For Public Christianity, I’ve been interviewed by Justine Toh about technology addiction, Google Glass (relating to comments I made in this Drum article) and how I manage my own tech/life balance.
Head over there and listen now!
Source: CPX

1 thought on “How often do you take a rest from technology?”

  1. This is how bad it gets. A uni student withdrew a fair bit of money from an ATM in a shopping centre when a Facebook update chimed on her phone. She was so engrossed in replying she didn’t see the hand that snuck in and stole her money. Lucky for her a couple nearby did see and grabbed the culprit.

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