How many Australians are on Facebook?

Facebook has released its local user numbers, confirming its position as the most popular social network in Australia, probably by a wide margin.
Big international firms are usually reticent to break out users numbers by nationality. Often they don’t have permission from head office overseas. Marketing Mag reports that Facebook’s announced its local user base as comprising some 12 million active monthly users in Australia, with around 9 million Australians checking into Facebook every single day.
That’s a lot of user data being handed over. Probably more than you tell the Census, now that I think about it.
I doubt that all 12 million of those accounts line up exactly to a single user every time, but still it means that in any walk around anywhere in the country, it’s likely that every second person you see is on Facebook. By comparison, while exact figures aren’t available, the same article suggests that there’s around 2 million Twitter users in the country.
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Source: Marketing Mag

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