Hang on. The original iPhone wasn't already obsolete?

Apple’s announced it’ll be ceasing support for the original model iPhone from June 11th. Wait. Hang on. Let me read that again. You mean it wasn’t already obsolete?
9to5Mac reports on the change, but before almost everyone in Australia still clinging to an iPhone 3G gets the wobblies, it’s worth bearing in mind that this relates to the original 2G model iPhone.
That particular unit was never officially released in Australia, although some units did make their way here via either direct importers or personal users. Even so, after six years, it’s well out of what could be considered a reasonable warranty in any case, even taking Australian consumer law into account.
Frankly, I’m impressed that Apple’s kept up (paid) hardware support for the 2G model this long, even though in software terms it’s long been left in the dust when it comes to iOS upgrades. I wonder what would happen if you did take a 2G model into an Australian Apple store for, say, a battery replacement. Anyone out there with an old 2G model willing to give it a try?
Source: 9to5Mac

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