Fridayitis: Fish playing Pokemon


I’m pretty confident nothing today will top the sheer insanity/genius of getting a fish to play Pokemon.
Sure, it’s slow. 135 hours slow, so far. Still, Grayson Hopper the fish has, by his owner’s claim, been playing via virtual inputs for all of those 135 hours, selecting his own name and capturing his first Pokemon.
Who, because he’s a fish randomly hitting buttons, is a Charmander called AAAABBK.
Watch live video from FishPlaysPokemon on
I’m left wondering, though, what happens when Grayson gets fed. Do falling fish flakes count as inputs?
Would it be feasible to get two fish tanks and an unlimited time bout of Street Fighter II going?
Do the fish even care?
Source: Twitch via The Mary Sue
Fridayitis features aren’t particularly serious. Did that really need explaining?

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