Firefox Browser turns 21

Aww. I remember when the little chap was still in browser training pants, and called Firebird. The 21st iteration of Mozilla’s browser is out right now for download.
I can’t call Firefox my primary browser, but then that’s because I’m remarkably unfaithful to any given browser, generally switching between Firefox and Chrome as need, suitability and availability strikes me. I don’t much get on with Safari (it’s functional, but that’s about it), and working at a Mac desktop, IE isn’t an option. I’m probably an unusual case, though.
If you are a Firefox devotee, the latest release has predictably a slew of bugfixes, enhancements to its Do Not Track feature and early implementation of Firefox Health Report, which is designed to log running time and status of the browser as you use it, with the eventual aim being that Firefox should be able to fix any persistent problems and keep itself as sharp as possible. An interesting aim — if they can pull it off, my browser wandering days might just come to an end.
Source: Mozilla

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