Fat Duck Finalist!

I’m rather happy (and very surprised) to be a finalist in the 14th annual IT Journalism awards, more informally known as “The Lizzies”.
The Lizzies are effectively the Australian tech media “Oscars” — I must remember to buy a fancy frock for next Friday — awarded annually across a range of categories. I’ve actually won two of the things before — once for columnist, (which I wrote about here) and once for best consumer technology journalist (which I wrote about here).
Last year, though… wasn’t one of my best for all sorts of reasons. Frankly, it sucked on all kinds of personal levels, and that did have an effect on the amount of and quality of work I managed to get done.
This was the worst single week of the lot of it if you want some astonishing/irritating reading, but it was only just the worst. It’s safe to say that I didn’t miss 2015 when it was gone.
As such, while I put in for the Lizzies in the spirt of having to be in things to win things, I didn’t expect much in the way of finalist berths.
I’m a finalist in Best Columnist, Best Technical Journalist and Best Reviewer, and the fields are tough. There’s some great talent in there, and nobody in my fields that I’d be ashamed to lose to.
Special mention goes to my co-presenter on Vertical Hold, Adam Turner who is nominated in the exact same fields I am. It’s on, Turner.
Likewise, Angus Kidman (yes, he’s my brother) is a finalist in three categories, including two I’m nominated in, which at least extends the odds of a Kidman victory on the night. It all goes down next Friday evening, and while I won’t be tweeting the results, he promises he will be. I suspect I’ll be busy congratulating the winners.

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