Download This Show: Lytro, Omny, Twitter

Or as I like to think of it, a LOT of things.
I’m once again a guest this week on Radio National’s Download This Show, which goes out Sunday at 9pm on… Radio National. I kind of gave that away at the start of the sentence, right?
As the subject line suggests, this week we’ve taken a look — or listen — to Aussie-developed Omni, pondered Twitter’s IPO and tried to bend brains around light field photography and where it’ll take smartphones.
But wait! This is the Internet, and you may not do the whole radio thing — which is very apt given one of this week’s topics. So you can also listen along to jovial host Marc Fennell, the fantastic Alexandra Savvides and… some other guy… at the Download This Show web page.
So go and listen now!
Source: Download This Show

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