Doctor Who: Whoniverse no more

The Whoniverse event has been cancelled due to a personal emergency making it impossible for Matt Smith to leave England.
Obviously, I’ve got to hope that whatever’s derailed Matt Smith’s plans isn’t too serious, because that should be first and foremost.
On the Whoniverse side, the event page now reads:

We have received devastating news in the last 24 hours. Due to a personal emergency, Matt Smith has advised us he is no longer able to come to Australia at this time. We’ve looked into any and all options with regards to replacements, but unfortunately the only possible replacement we would consider sufficient would be another modern Doctor, and there are none available over these coming weeks. With Karen also unable to attend the second weekend, we feel we have no choice but to cancel the event. We are working to try to bring Matt, Karen and Arthur to future events, but in the meantime, Ticketek will be in touch regarding refunds.
Matt has provided us with the following statement at this time:
I am deeply saddened to have to advise that I will not be able to come to Australia for the Hub Productions’ Whoniverse event. Although I wish it were otherwise, due to a personal family emergency it’s not possible for me to leave England at this time. I truly regret the situation, and the disappointment it must be causing, but I’m hoping to be able to reschedule as soon as possible for the future; I look forward to see you all then.
We understand that many of you will be shattered by this news; please understand that as long-term Doctor Who fans ourselves, we are no less heartbroken.
As noted, Ticketek will be contacting all ticketholders directly in regards to refunds, and if any action is required on your part to obtain your refund. If you have any inquiries regarding your tickets in the meantime, you can contact Ticketek on 13 28 39.

At least there seems to be scope for refunds, something that Hub’s own site noted — and plenty of anecdotal evidence from previous Hub events has suggested to me — might not be the case, although that’s seemingly also because it’s being handled through Ticketek, not Hub.
Source: Whoniverse via Twitter

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