Doctor Who: Free 3D-Printed Tardis Transformer Prime. Just add 3D printer.

OK, 3D printer manufacturers. You have precisely FIVE SECONDS to get a 3D printer into my hands. For… reasons. Testing reasons. Serious reasons. No, really.
Sure, this 3D printed model of a transforming Tardis might be exceptionally cool (even though it apparently doesn’t stand unassisted, and, I suspect, will be walloped with a Mattel/BBC Enterprises lawsuit before I’ve even finished typing this sentence), but clearly I need to research it for the betterment of mankind, and not just so I can have another Doctor Who toy cluttering up my desk. How could you ever think such a thing?
If you are sitting in front of a 3D printer right now, the plans are available from Thingiverse. Also, 3D Printer manufacturers? I’m still waiting…
Source: Thingiverse via Topless Robot

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