Doctor Who: ABC confirms fast track for new series

There’s fast tracking, and then there’s “fast” tracking, but it at least looks as though the 7 day (or longer) waits of old are a thing of the past.
A photo posted to the ABC’s Facebook page indicates that (and I quote)
“Meet the 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi when ABC1 fast tracks the brand new series of #DoctorWho beginning Sunday 24th August”

Given the BBC has confirmed — by way of the new trailer — that it’s showing the new series starting on the evening of the 23rd — that’s reasonably quick.

"Pertwee? Never heard of him!"
“Pertwee? Never heard of him!”

I suspect it’ll be Sunday nights rather than Sunday mornings. I could always be nicely surprised (and I’ve put a query through to ABC publicity for comment) — but that’s what I’d bet.
Image: BBC

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