Bullfrog Collection for $9.79? I'll take three!

Alongside the Steam Sale, the GOG sale is winding up. If I were you, I’d seriously consider Bullfrog’s collection of classic games for less than ten bucks.
$9.79 right now (which is to say for the next six hours) will score you Dungeon Keeper Gold, Dungeon Keeper 2 (from a period before EA really killed it with its abhorrent mobile port), Theme Hospital, Theme Park, Syndicate Plus, Syndicate Wars, Magic Carpet Plus, Magic Carpet 2: The Netherworlds, Populous, Populous 2: Trials Of The Olympian Gods and Populous: The Beginning.
If you can’t eke out $9.79 of value from that lot, you’re just not trying.
But the GOG sale is winding down, so I’d act fast if I were you. There’s a lot of other bundles covering a variety of genres well worth your cash as well.
Source: GOG
I’ll take three highlights products that are not only discounted, but which I reckon are good value as well. Cheap isn’t always the same thing as great.

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