Are Telstra's iPad Air and Mini Retina plans good value?

Telstra’s announced contract pricing for the new iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina. Are they good value?
Telstra’s announced it’ll offer the iPad Air from this Friday on contract, as well as the iPad Mini with Retina display later in the month. Here’s what you get for your money, compared to the outright prices being offered by Apple.
iPad Air Pricing,iPad Air 16GB,iPad Air 32GB,iPad Air 64GB,iPad Air 128GB
Apple Outright,$749 ,$849 ,$949 ,”$1,049 ”
Telstra S (1GB/month) (monthly/full term minimum cost),$51/$1224,$55/$1320,$58/$1392,$51/$1224
Telstra M (4GB/month) (monthly/full term minimum cost),$56/$1344,$60/$1440,$63/$1512,$56/$1344
Telstra L (8GB/month) (monthly/full term minimum cost),$71/$1704,$75/$1800,$78/$1872,$71/$1704
Telstra XL (15GB/month) (monthly/full term minimum cost),$106/$2544,$110/$2640,$113/$2712,$106/$2544
You can’t buy the new iPad Mini with Retina Display from Telstra just yet, but pricing there has been announced as well.
iPad Mini With Retina Display Pricing,iPad Mini Retina 16GB,iPad Mini Retina 32GB,iPad Mini Retina 64GB,iPad Mini Retina 128GB
Apple Outright,$629 ,$749 ,$849 ,$949
Telstra S (1GB/month) (monthly/full term minimum cost),$46/$1104,$51/$1224,$55/$1320,$58/$1392
Telstra M (4GB/month) (monthly/full term minimum cost),$51/$1224,$56/$1344,$60/$1440,$63/$1512
Telstra L (8GB/month) (monthly/full term minimum cost),$66/$1584,$71/$1704,$75/$1800,$78/$1872
Telstra XL (15GB/month) (monthly/full term minimum cost),$101/$2424,$106/$2544,$110/$2640,$113/2712
As always it’ll come down to what you plan to do with it. If you’re constantly in range of an WiFi signal then the value of embedded LTE is considerably reduced, and in that context a contract iPad may make little sense. Conversely, a contracted device, depending on usage model, may be a quick tax write-off compared to depreciation on the outright cost of an iPad (although, he quickly adds, I am not an accountant and this is not financial advice per se).
Most reports seem to suggest that there won’t be a shortage of iPad Air units, although that does remain to be seen; as usual Australia will be the first place on the planet to officially sell the Air when Apple opens its doors on Friday morning.
Source: Telstra

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