Apple releases iOS 8.1.3 and Mac OS 10.10.2

Apple’s been busy updating its line of operating systems, with bugfixes aplenty for both iPhones and Macs. On the iOS side, you’ll need less space for an installation, while on the Mac OS side, your Wi-Fi connection woes may be over.
As usual, either update can be triggered by going to the relevant update panels to start the download. On the iOS side, that’s through Settings>General>Software Update, where a 247MB update awaits you. You can always wait, and unless Apple’s radically changed its update strategy, you’ll most likely be reminded of the update via a pop-up window soon.
iOS 8.1.3 doesn’t add new features, instead just squishing bugs, including those that stopped users entering Apple ID for Messages and Facetime, stopped Spotlight from displaying App results and stopped multitasking gestures working on the iPad. It’s also claimed to reduce the amount of space (that nebulous “other” required to perform system updates.
On the Mac side, as it’s done for a while now, the update is via the Mac App Store update panel, weighing in at 436MB. Here the update tackles Spotlight, iCloud and VoiceOver bugs, amongst others, as well as a number of security issues and Wi-Fi connection problems. Safari has also been updated to version 8.0.3 under Mac OS 10.10.2.
Source: MacRumors

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