Apple comes to Adelaide… at last.

South Australians (who also like Apple) can rejoice, as an Apple store is opening in Rundle Mall this Saturday. Those who don’t might want to avoid Rundle Mall this Saturday, or alternatively bring earplugs.
Do people still get excited about Apple store openings? Is that still a thing?
To be brutally frank, while there’s utility in the Apple Store concept, and I totally get that they make squillions of dollars out of each store, I’ve always found the actual launch events a bit perplexing, especially with all the staff high-fiving and chanting that happens just before the doors open.
No, really, that happens, and I have absolutely zero doubt it’ll happen again this Saturday at Rundle Mall. Maybe they’ll even high five the pig statues.
It’s a genuinely odd thing. Here’s my impressions of the Hornsby Store opening, or if you’re the visual type, here’s the Bondi store coming to (noisy) life.

Presumably there will be free T-Shirts.
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