ALDIMobile rejigs plans — and they're better value!

Usually, when a telco announces changes to a prepaid plan, it’s time to get worried. Surprisingly, AldiMobile has gone in the other direction, marginally improving the value of its prepaid offers.
The new deals won’t be on sale until — as per an email sent out to AldiMobile customers — the 3rd of November, until which time the old deals are still in place.
Here’s the current deals as they stand, as per Aldi’s web site:
And here’s the new deals that kick in from the 3rd of November.
The headline feature that AldiMobile is selling the new deals on is the ability to call and SMS anyone else on the AldiMobile network (which still piggybacks off “part” of Telstra’s 3G networks in the same fashion as the ill-fated Kogan Mobile did) at no cost. That’s only applicable to the monthly Value Pack deals; those on the 365-day expiry PAYG will still pay for every call and text.
There are a few other changes to take note of, though. The “M” tier has a slight data bump, up from 300MB a month to 400MB, the “L” tier goes from 1GB to 1.25GB and the “XL” tier doubles its data up to 2GB. You still can’t have a data pack and a value pack running at the same time, although the new plans also offer a $16.50 1.5GB data pack option for tablet users, alongside the existing and continuing 3GB $30 offer.
The one thing that Aldi doesn’t list in that table are the prices for each tier. However, ducking into the full plan details suggests that the price tiers won’t be changing, as the “S” plan, for example, still comes with $10 included credit. As long as Aldi isn’t planning on changing its price tiers, this is a positive step forwards for prepaid customers.

Author: Alex

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