4KTV reminds me that my broadband is anything but broad.

4KTV is great, but in order to make the most of it we’re going to need much better broadband.

While I’m OK with watching some content in standard definition, if I’m given the choice I’ll go as high definition as possible, every time — and who wouldn’t? There’s one problem with that, however, and it’s in the state of our broadband architecture, which serves as a reminder that we’re falling further behind the rest of the world when it comes to the ability to actually deliver content.
Nick Ross over at the ABC has written up a lengthy analysis of the broadband needs of UHDTV and the plans of content companies such as Netflix (while nicely referencing my own Ewan McGregor video woes — thankyou Mr Ross!). His conclusion? We’re going to need a lot more throughput, and as soon as possible. It’s a great piece — go and read it now!
Source: ABC

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