What we need right now is kittens

My head hurts, Australian politics is an unholy mess, and I’m tired. What we clearly need right now is a feline-led recovery.

Maybe not this much, though.

Today was a long, long day. Australian politics was more than its usual clown show — and for the record, I think that’s highly regrettable, because there’s that whole important getting-on-with-running-the-country business that seems to fall by the wayside all too often on both sides of politics — I slogged away at a LOT of work, ran through three completely different radio interviews (fun, but tiring) and completely ran out of cold & flu medication.

So I’m knackered. What I (and by extension you, dear reader) clearly needs is some feline frivolity.*

Although maybe not this much.

Too much?

How about this, then?

Yeah, that’s more like it.

*For the record, I’m totally cool with dogs. Dogs are great. But at my core, I’m still a cat person.

Author: Alex

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