Rainy day invasion

It’s a wet and rainy day, so in order to keep the kids under control — is such a thing just a pipe dream? — I decided to show them how to make Space Invaders. Hey, what can I say — I’m a sucker for the classics.
The problem, of course, is that you start with this:
Along came an invader
But Invaders never travel through the dark inky night alone, you know…
Soon there were two. Zoe tells me that this is a “Girl” Invader. I guess they’ve got to reproduce somehow, what with the appalling casualty rate for this 30 year old war…
And then there were three. I showed Zoe and James how Invaders moved, making the obligatory “Dutt Dutt Dutt Dutt, Dutt Dutt Dutt Dutt” noise as it went from side to side, and James decided that they were called “Dutt-Dutts”. Perhaps he’s right, and the noise is in fact the Invaders trying to communicate with us warmongering Earthlings…
Uh oh. It’s a full-scale invasion. Better call in Earth’s only hope.
Thankfully, tanks are a lot easier to build than Space Invaders. Should have this invasion sorted out in a jiffy.

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