Eating my own body weight in Mentos…

So, I’m here at the MediaConnect Influence Forum in the Hunter Valley, discussing the important technology issues of the day*, and there are — as there always are — little bowls of Mentos (or similar mints — but this time they actually are genuine Mentos) on the table.
And I’m eating thousands of them. I’m still paying attention to the conference speakers — for the most part — but I find myself downing Mentos by the bucketful. I’m at a loss to explain why — I mean, I don’t object to mints per se, but quite why I feel the need to ingest massive quantities of sugar escapes me. Have they started to put crack in them, and nobody told me?
(this post should probably be filed under “meaningless Alex brain farts”, but I don’t really have a category for that)
*And definitely not drinking. That would be wrong.

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