Anything can happen, anything can be…

OK; I’m officially out of words. Except for these ones. And all the ones I put down today — although given you can’t actually read them yet (for various tedious publishing-related-reasons), I’m not sure if that’s “put down” in the work sense, or “put down” in the rather more veterinary sense. Anyway, some words I actually wrote yesterday are up at PC Authority:
iPrimus launches 200GB broadband: “They probably just want customers to think of large Hawaiian things, but we can’t help but think “Pulp Fiction”, and Samuel L. Jackson’s turn as hitman Jules Winnfield. But is this offering really a tasty, tasty burger?”
It’s not often you can work Pulp Fiction into a story of any type. In fact, now that I come to think of it, I’ve made numerous mentions of Dr Who, The Goodies, Groo The Wanderer, Vanilla Ice and Monkey in print, but I think this might be my first Tarantino reference.
Sadly, it seems as though my punk band, Adolf Dickfeld, never made it. Being banned in Germany probably didn’t help. So I’ve moved on, seemingly to European Existentialist Dance/Electronica. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Polvij√§rvi :

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