And just as I suspected…

It’s been a very odd day inside my head today, largely due to my ongoing insomnia battles. At these times, my head thinks the weirdest thoughts, such as the one that just passed through my cranium:
“Hey! I wonder if is available as a domain?”
Doing a quick lazy search via NetRegistry (no particular reason I chose them; I guess they were in my head at some point, but this isn’t an ad-sponsored blog… yet), revealed that yes, it is.Or was when I wrote this, anyway.
In the tradition of registrars everywhere, they’ve also tried to entice me with what their automated system feels are the natural choices for complimentary domains I may also wish to register. Except that they’re not exactly “complimentary”, or for that matter, pleasant. And heck, I’m starting from the phrase “Toothless Crones” to begin with!
Amongst the suggestions?

And my personal weird favourite:
I mean, I do understand why they’re available — because nobody in their right mind would want them, and I’m probably not in my right mind even looking them up — but what kind of logical process moves from to
Oh. I see. It’s not switch. It’s witch. Crone. Witch. Gotcha.
Like I said, it’s been somewhat slow and weird in my head today. Back to what you were doing, now.

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