Disturbing (featuring Hippos)

That’d make a great album title, now that I think of it.
Some recent twittering reminded me that the Hippos section of the site hasn’t been updated in a while. Trusting to Google news to ferret out the latest in Hippopotamidae related facts, I headed there, ready for the usual mix of “cute” Hippo stories and “Zoo Keeper eaten alive by Hippo” stories. They’re cute, sure, but they’re also not exactly safe creatures to cuddle, either.
Except that, right now, if you enter the term “Hippo” into Google news, the first result you get has the headline

“Sexy little city Canberra comes of age”.


I don’t even want to click on that link. Instead, to calm my nerves, here’s a randomly chosen picture of a Hippo grabbed from Google Image Search instead:

(image originally on this site. Looks nice. Go there.)

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