3 Credit Challenge: R-Type

How far can I get on classic arcade shooter R-Type with just 3 credits? Well, hand me 3 credits, and let’s find out!

I’ve been playing quite a lot of arcade (or arcade-style) games recently. That’s no accident. They’re ideal for short bursts of play, whether I’m taking on my Vertical Hold co-host Adam Turner, or just mucking about for a few minutes in my otherwise busy day.

There’s a huge issue with playing “arcade” games at home, though. You can always pump in more credits, which can make it a simple matter of attrition, rather than skill in surviving.

Hence the 3 credit challenge. I’m only allowed to continue up to 3 times, maximum. How far can I get?

First up, Irem’s classic R-Type. Let me know what you think, and if there are other classic games you’d like me to take a crack at!

A game with The Force… but George Lucas didn’t sue. I still don’t know why.

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