Category: Personal

  • Argh! Little folk! Everywhere!

    It’s like a munchkin convention around here today. All in a good cause, though.

  • Kidman reveals his deep criminal past…

    Or, in other words, I got my first parking fine today. For parking in a loading zone while buying a loaf of bread. Expensive loaf, that.

  • Feeling good

    I’m in the rare position of being able to pat myself on the back today. You should try it — it’s a good stretching exercise. Leaving that aside, my particular warm inner glow comes today courtesy of what happened on Saturday night. We were just getting ready to settle the kids down to sleep when […]

  • There's three ways to do things…

    To borrow shamelessly from The Simpsons “There’s the right way, the wrong way, and the…”

  • I'm tired…

    So, very, very tired… But late nights watching the soccer at Church will do that to a lad. Thirty people in one room — 29 barracking for Australia, and one sole Uruguayan. Makes a difference when he’s the minister, though. Not what you could call a “good” match — and I hate any match decided […]

  • I like coffee. I like beer.

    I most assuredly don’t like the idea of this: Coffee-beer A drink somewhere between coffee and beer could soon be on the menu. Nestec, part of the Nestlé empire in Switzerland, has filed patents in every major market round the world on a “fermented coffee beverage” that pours and foams like beer, but smells of […]

  • Dead man walking… has one of my PSP reviews up, specifically my review of Medievil for PSP: “On the other hand, the original PSOne title, while lacking the cut scenes, tepid minigames and superlative Tom Baker, goes for around ten bucks on eBay…” Meanwhile, I’m busy working out how best I can help my best mate, whose […]

  • Magnae clunes mihi placent, nec possum de hac re mentiri.

    I studied Latin in my first year at University. Well, perhaps “studied” is the wrong word. I was there for most of the classes, that I firmly remember, and I still see my 1st year Latin lecturer from time to time — he went on to be the head of classics at Sydney Grammar, and […]

  • Fat Cat isn't just for children any more…

    I think I’ve worked out why Lita (one of our three cats) isn’t as lithe as she once was. Behold — in the wise words of the Simpsons Sea Captain “‘Tis no cat, ’tis a remorseless eating machine, Arr.”

  • I often wondered what the end of civilisation would look like…

    Apparently it’s going to look something like this. Can I just say aargh now and be done with it?