You're like a gun turned on the world…

With the turn of a new month, my brain cast itself towards my web stats — three years working at a web-stat-obsessed publisher turned me into a web-stat-obsessed editor, and it’s a habit I’ve found rather hard to kick. Now, I’m not pulling in stats numbers of any great significance here, but there are a few fun and notable oddities for the month of August:

  • The seventh most popular search term was “hemaphrodites” . What kind of audience am I pulling in here?
  • The tenth most popular term was “Space Invaders”. Are the aliens coming?
  • And the sixteenth most popular term was “confused”. Am I attracting a heretofore ignored multi-genitalled, possibly Alien and permanently bewildered portion of the online population? And if so, what do I do with this newfound (and frankly, rather worrying) power?
  • My photo blog of my trip to Armidale continues to generate good traffic, and plenty of search terms — along with the odd stolen photo, most notably of Duval and Armidale High Schools. Which is odd — those are awful photos.
  • Australian and US IP addresss make up for the vast majority of my traffic — no great surprise there.
  • At the other end of the scale, a whopping 0.09% of my traffic in August came from Sweden. Tjenare, Sweden!

And while I’m commenting on Web stats, I notice that very briefly, my web review of WWC PS2 was actually ranked by Google ahead of the publisher’s own page for the title. Those positions have now reversed themselves (or had done when I checked a second ago) — I wonder if it’s worth trying to force them back my way… and why do I care, exactly?

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