Tomato Force: Vegetables Of Justice

It’s been a while since I’ve looked over the statistics for this ‘ere blog. That kind of thing used to be my bread and butter, and for a while I was seriously obsessed with web stats and trends. Not so much these days (personally; clearly those who comission my work are more heads-down in this stuff than I am), but my meagre blog stats do throw up a few oddities from time to time.
Like the fact that the eighth most popular search term in January was “Not all barn owls are called Mr Peters”. Or the 0.01% of my audience that, for reasons which frankly befuddle me, come from Bulgaria. No, I don’t know why, but if my Bulgarian readers — well, with those kinds of numbers, presumably fractions of readers — picoreaders, perhaps —  wish to make any requests, do so now.
That Bulgaria stat is, strangely enough, identical to the percentage of users identifiably using Google Chrome. Perhaps there’s something in that. Perhaps not.

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