Once more unto the Spam…

Gah. My previous, Captcha-centric approach to dealing with the comment spam actually led to far more comment spam getting through. As such, I’m trying a new approach, as advised by ye olde clone — it apparently works for him. Can I have another round of comments (and comments on what you hit when trying to put in a commment?)






4 responses to “Once more unto the Spam…”

  1. Alex Avatar

    Alex’s test comment one:
    You should say “Look out! Llamas!”

  2. di Avatar

    Look Out! Llamas?
    Why there are no Llamas around here. Rhino’s sure but no Llamas.

  3. Angus Avatar

    Nothing to see here, except the comment. (Hopefully.) It’s been foggy in London.

  4. Christian Avatar

    How about “Look! It’s Elvis!”
    That usually works for me.
    Hmm, no verification stuff to be seen…

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