Gah. Stupid Spambots. Be more funny.

Even with the Captcha thing in place, I’m getting more comment spam than I was before. I’ve modified it slightly — can somebody post something in the comments field just to check it? The word field should be slightly longer now.






7 responses to “Gah. Stupid Spambots. Be more funny.”

  1. Christian Avatar

    Perhaps you should ask for 14 digit primes instead. In base 32.

  2. Di Avatar

    Bah what about double hex base cipher code ?

  3. Alex Avatar

    Great. So you two would be able to post, and I’d never be able to work out how to edit out the spam!

  4. iddly Avatar

    spam is best placed on toast with a little tomato sauce

  5. Alex Avatar

    See, now that’s funny.
    But only because you’d be polluting perfectly good tomato sauce, mind you.

  6. Christian Avatar

    512-bit encryption tied into biometric sensors? With tomato sauce?

  7. Angus Avatar

    Since I’ve installed SpamBam, I’ve had literally no spam to worry about.

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