Is my job easy?

I got told the other day that my job must be easy. I think the following articles dispell that… at least a little.
It’s been a while since I updated my blog; largely because I’ve been busy working. And travelling. And working some more. And attending weddings. Also working. Did I mention the working thing?
Chief amongst my time sinks at the moment is the editorship of Gizmodo, which I’ll get to in a minute. Lest my other writing endeavours become drowned under those articles, I’ll attend to them in a second. First of all, there’s two columns at Geekspeak:
Notebooks: Thin Is In
The Future Of Printing
At CNET Australia a notebook review
HP ProBook 6460B
and a photo gallery of a printer launch in Shanghai
HP launches new printing range
At PC User’s new web site, a phone review
HTC’s new 4.3in premium smartphone
A femtocell review
Boost your Optus mobile reception
Android password managers:
Three free Android password managers
Virtua Tennis 4
A Tablet
Toshiba’s 10-inch Android tablet
and iOS password managers
Three iOS password managers compared
Did I mention 30 Seconds Of Tech? No? Well, let me rectify that with these
And then there’s the day to day stuff from Gizmodo. All of them since my last update would be…
Lenovo’s $US200 IdeaPad A1 ‘Coming Soon’
Vodafone Offering Ipad2
Acer Iconia Tab A100 Aussie Pricing, 8GB Only
SBS Launches Video On Demand Service

The iNecklace Shows Strangers If You’re Turned On
What Happened With The NBN This Week?
Nokia’s Meego-Powered N9 Gets Aussie Pricing
Samsung Giving Away Free 3D TV Glasses
Google’s Freddie Mercury Doodle Is A Kind Of Magic
LG’s Dual Play Turns Your 3DTV 2D For Sweet Gaming Action
Arthur C. Clarke Predicted The Internet And Teleworking In 1964
Aussie Instore Ads Are Watching You Right Now
Toshiba’s Quad-HD Glasses-Free 3D TV Displayed At IFA
Haier Unveils The Brain-Controlled TV
Nokia Ringtone RIP: Long Live The Next Ringtone?
Toshiba Portégé Z830: Lighter Than Air
The iPod Touch Is Four Today
CHOICE Australia Ranks Smartphone Operating Systems
Pure’s New Digital Radio Goes Portable
Anti Sleep Pilot Isn’t For Pilots, Is For iPod
KT Spider: The Android Phone That Does It All
Aldi May Sell Android Tablets And Phones
Sharp Demonstrates An 8K4K Display
Atari’s Duo Powered iPad Joystick Takes On iCade
Sony’s Lenticular Screen Turns The Vaio S Into The 3D Vaio S
HP TouchPad Android Port Gets Multitouch Support
HP’s Printers Go 3D, App-Centric, Social And White
Survey Says: Would Australians Give Up TV or Smartphones?
Opinion: How Can Android Tablets Thrive?
HP Now Printing… Carry-All Handbags?
What Happened With The NBN This Week?
Are Aussie Telco Plans Deliberately Confusing?
Aussie Devs Bring Surface, Tablet, Phone And Kinect Together
Cassettes Are Nice — But They Really Need More Bluetooth
Pirate Party Launches ‘Facebook For Movies’
Telstra Releases HTC EVO 3D Pricing And Details
Vodafone Gets HTC Evo 3D Tomorrow
DisplayPad 1.01: Inexpensive Screen Mirroring/Expansion
Vodafone Vs Telstra: HTC EVO 3D Pricing
HTC Runnymede: The Titan Of Android Phones
Quad-Core 13-Inch Macbook Pro? Yes Please!
HTC: ‘iPhone Is For Old People’
Android On Intel Goes Official
Flying Drone Records Awesome Mountain Biking Action
Australian Solar Industry Reaches ‘Grid Parity’
Navguard’s app promises ‘advanced GPS’ for Blackberry
HP’s Phoenix Desktop: Hot Stuff?
Hello Kitty Digital Phone? No. Please… No.
Kogan’s Brand Name Gambit
How Can Android Tablets Thrive 2: The Rebuttal
This USB Flash Drive Can Store Up To 2 Terabytes
Dyson’s New Fan Is Hot
Optus Announces LTE Plans For 2012
Vodafone Australia Approves Mango, Telstra To Follow?
Sony’s Tokyo HQ Has A Pop-Up Tsunami Shield
Sony’s Balanced Armature: Tiny, Tiny Headphones
This 1966 Video Of The Future Is Surprisingly Accurate
What Happened With The NBN This Week?
Opinion: Are Tablet Users Stuck With Apple?
Sony’s Cool Product Demo Centre (With No Name)
Samsung Countersues Apple In Australia
iiNet announces NBN plans
Pirate Party Wins Seat In German Parrrrrrrrliament
What Lurks Under Intel’s Ivy Bridge?
Are Aussie Online Sales Finally Going Mainstream?
Lunchtime Deal: Microsoft Office Home&Student 2010 $109
Airbus’ Concept Corporate Cabin Will Be Costly
Telstra’s New Half-Terabyte Plan Goes Live
Television 4: What Is It Good For?
That’s 84 articles since the start of the month, or roughly one every single five hours since the start of the month. Including sleeping, and more than forty hours on airplanes. Suddenly, my job doesn’t seem quite so easy any more.

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