iMacs, Xooms, Atrixes and Mobile Broadband (Oh my…)

Would the proper plural of Atrix be Atrixes or Atrixii? It makes my brain hurt just thinking about it.
In any case, yesterday’s launch of Motorola’s Xoom tablet and Atrix smartphone led to a 30 Seconds of Tech:
Just a couple of hours earlier, I also had the chance to check out Apple’s new iMac range, which got a similar video treatment:
Finally, there’s this month’s issue of PC & Tech Authority. Now, I’ve had cover lines before, and contributed heavily to many publications. I think, however, this is the first time I’ve pretty much been the entire cover; through an awful lot of rather tedious broadband testing that included mystifying the residents of a town with fewer than 700 residents and nearly getting thrown out of a Sydney coffee shop along the way, I’ve tested all of Australia’s mobile broadband carriers across USB Modems, Portable WiFi Hotspots and iPad MicroSIMs. Does Telstra still reign supreme? Can Vodafone stage a last minute comeback given its recent woes? You’ll have to buy the issue (also available on iPad) to find out!

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