'Free' Android Apps, Tiny Projectors And… Eighty-Three Hours Of Tech?

At Hydrapinion this week, my month long series on switching from iOS to Android continues, looking at what it takes to make a ‘free’ application on either platform, by way of the Soup Dragons.
Can an iPhone user switch to Android for a month? Part 3: There’s Free, and then there’s ‘Free’ “Ahem. Where was I?”
Over at CNET Australia, Acer’s tiny Pico projector came into focus… or more frequently, not:
Acer C20 pico projector: “Acer’s pico projector ticks all the boxes for a portable projector, but fuzzy images and poor focus control make it an annoying projector to use.”
Over at Lifehacker, my post last week on why online retailers really need to look after customer communications got a mention:
Big W Ultra-Slack When It Comes To Activating iTunes Cards: “Big W online doesn’t seem to do a particularly good job of selling usable iTunes cards…”
And finally, I have to note that overnight, my 30 Seconds Of Tech YouTube series clocked up its 10,000th view. Yes, that’s small compared to some videos, (why, yes, I am evil) but still, it means that since kicking the project off in Mid-February, something like eighty-three hours of video that I’ve produced have been watched. Next stop: World Domination. Or finding a sponsor. One of the two.

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