2013: Week Thirteen: Somebody's Watching Me

A week in which things took an entertainment slant, with dragons, doctors and a surprise appearance by Metal Mickey.

A rather shortened week, due to Easter that saw me continuing my fill-in duties at Gizmodo. Amongst the stories penned there were a few gems — and a few easy stories.
Should You Be Allowed To Wear Google Glass While Driving?
So many people think they’re great drivers and can do whatever they want while driving. I’m sure Google Glass will be no different.
Rantmodo: TV Is Broken. Can Anything Be Done?
My favourite article of the week, and one that got a surprisingly positive reaction; I expected the pro-piracy types to try to tear it apart.
Mining Bitcoins On A NES: Awesome Hack But Totally Pointless
In this case, it’d be 8-bitcoins. Heh.
Aussie Developer Reckons Apple’s Retina Display Testing Is Faulty [Updated]
My first official no-comment out of Apple for the year. Something tells me it won’t be the last.
Should Aussie Stores Charge You For Just Looking?
Interesting story, given the state of retail and the desire to physically hold objects before we buy them.
Inflatable Unicorn Horn. You Know. For Cats.
Walkely award, here I come. I’ve started polishing the mantle already.
Sigh. No. Wireless Networks Aren’t ‘A Threat To The NBN’
A job with The Australian probably isn’t in my future.
How Bad Was The Hobbit Anyway?
I rather liked it, but tastes vary.

At Hydrapinion, I’ve switched mobile operating systems for a month:
A Month With A Blackberry: Jumping into the prickly bits
For the next month, the Z10 will be my day by day companion. If I don’t kill it with FIRE, that is.
And finally, at 30 Seconds Of Tech, things got LOUD
Image: wwarby

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