2013: Week Ten: Steaming Frozen 42" Google Commode

I’m not sure I’ve ever written about such a broad set of themes, from massive smartphones (some of which you can’t have) to building your own emergency toilet to the inevitable steamed hams. It’s been that kind of week.
My fill-in for Chris Jager at Lifehacker concluded this week, which meant a lot of time spent writing a lot of articles. Including these ones!
Samsung Isn’t Giving Away Galaxy S4s On Facebook
Something that’s too good to be true isn’t true? Who could have picked that?
Which Mobile World Congress Phones Will We See In Australia?
Possibly quite a few, but getting anyone to admit anything is murder.
Will An Antenna Give You Faster Mobile Broadband Download Speeds?
I  know, me testing mobile broadband is almost worthy of a TV Tropes listing by now.
Ask LH: Will NBN Connectivity Add Value To My House?
If anyone from NBN Co is listening, it’d certainly add value to ME.
Is A Treat-Dispensing Cat Scratching Post Really A Good Idea?
Writing about cats on the Internet. I have this feeling that might be a thing.

Hack an IKEA Chair Into A Commode
A simple hack for those that need it. I’ve never written about commodes before.
Boost Mobile Relaunches On Telstra With Unlimited Plans
A budget telco that seemingly can’t afford all the vowels it needs to spell “unlimited”.
Is The Google Play Store Birthday Sale Worth Celebrating?
Happy Birthday To Google, They Have All Our Data, Why Give Them Our Money, This Song Doesn’t Scan….

YouTube Viewing Figures Are Still Fuzzy, Not Felty
I was challenged to incorporate The Count into Lifehacker. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.
Ask LH: Do I Need To Warm My Engine Before Driving?
In which I learn that people love arguing about cars on the Internet almost as much as they like cat pictures.

How To Make Steamed Hamburgers
Steamed hams are a thing. This I did not previously know. Soon, I shall make one, and by request, REPORT BACK.
How To Reboot Your Frozen Smartphone
Or you could smash it against the ground and scream at the top of your lungs. Satisfying, but stupid.
Which Hurts More: AC Or DC Power?
Tasty, tasty electrons. So tasty. So tempting. MUST NOT TASTE! NO! BAD! SPARKIES HURT!
At ABC’s The Drum, a story on why I think the noise about Google Glass and Privacy is just noise.
Civil society’s latest threat is right before our eyes
Forget the privacy implications of Google’s new camera-enabled glasses; that horse bolted long ago, as the smartphone-savvy crowds at Sydney’s Mardi Gras proved. Instead, get ready for a world in which that person you’re talking to could actually be checking the footy scores, writes Alex Kidman.
At Hydrapinion, this week’s column covered the growth of smartphones… with an accent on the growth.
Does Anyone Want A 42″ Smartphone?
Perhaps I should develop a phone/tablet hybrid the size of a Plasma TV.
At 30 Seconds of Tech, two new videos. Firstly, an electric car that’s remarkably affordable, if not always entirely practical:
And then some Bluetooth/NFC headphones that are remarkably flexible
Phew. A busy week. Have I earned enough for a beer yet?
Image: Cheetah100

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