2013: Week Four: Hacking Lives For Fun And Profit

No, not with a machete. Don’t tempt me. In which I take on the title of “Guest Contributor”, and stare deeply into a phone that’s larger than I am.
A slightly different take on contributing to Lifehacker; where in the past I’ve acted as Guest Editor, this week (and next) I’ll be in the role of “Guest Contributor”; Gus is still editor over there, but I’m filling in for somebody who hasn’t actually started yet.
That means the job description is a little different, and I get to write a few more in-depth articles as well. Here’s my pick of the week’s best:
How To Downsize Your Car Packing For Aussie Summer Trips
In which one commenter decides that I clearly want to kill my children due to my choice of car…
Ask LH: Is The Kindle A Good Note-Taking Device?
An unusual question that I described as “like using a sink plunger for industrial welding applications.”
Can Businesses Set A Minimum Amount For EFTPOS?
People get tetchy about money…
Ask LH: Was It Fair For The Police To Fine Me?
But even crankier about traffic fines.
Digital Rights Management Makes It Awfully Tempting To Commit Digital Wrongs
DRM can be painful when it works… this is what happens when it doesn’t even work at all.
Format Shifting 101: What Are Your Legal Rights In Australia?
This took an age to assemble; there’s so much conflicting info out there, and even the stuff that’s right is often hard to decipher.
Adelaide 4G Shootout: Mobile Data Is A Pig
I’m fond of Adelaide, and fond of mobile data. Combine the two, and you get…?
Is It Worthwhile Hacking Coffee Capsules?
Because Coffee.
I’m still a freelancer, though, so there were other places to read my words. Over at the ABC’s Technology+Games portal, I gave the Samsung Galaxy Note II a kick around the field:
Samsung Galaxy Note II: a Whole Lotta Phone
My final verdict on whether I’ll switch to the Note II full-time? Stay tuned…
As noted here, I also produced a couple of quick 30 Seconds Of Tech videos:

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