2013: Week Eleven: Stomping Grounds

You know who can deliver a good stomping? Elephants. Yeah, I know, I’m meant to be all about the Hippos, but Elephants are cool too. I wouldn’t want to get on their bad side.

Quite what that has to do with the roundup of this week’s freelance work eludes me. I guess the elephants are the only ones who get to remember things.
One thing I do remember being was the editor of Gizmodo Australia, a role I semi-stepped back into this week. It’s a temporary arrangement, albeit a very nice role to have — and one, I should note, that regular editor Luke Hopewell does very well indeed. I’m just temporarily filling in. Amongst the stories written for the Giz this week, there was
My Name Is Prince, And My DRM Is Not Funky
Astonished it’s taken me this long to use that in a headline.
Here Are This Year’s Hypercars (That You Can’t Have)
I am not the Stig. Although only the true Stig denies being the Stig. Tricky, that one.
No, Sony ISN’T giving out Beta PS4s Via Facebook
Facebook scams are everywhere, although this did lead me to a very popular story later in the week.
Will The ABC Show Doctor Who On March 31?
I’d settle for a private showing. Just… leaving that out there, ABC. Just in case.
Marvel Unlimited: Sadly Limited, But Still Marvellous
13,000 Comics on my iPad. I’m still (very slowly) working my way through Civil War.
How To Take Great Smartphone Pics In Low-Light Bars And Clubs
Pro tip: It helps not being drunk.
Should The Cops Be Able To Listen In To Your Skype Calls?
In which I take on the French Police. Except they have guns and attitudes. I mean “In which I congratulate the friendly French Police (please don’t shoot me)”
This Amazing LEGO Paper Airplane Robot Can Make And Throw Its Own Planes
This thing is AMAZING.
Kick-Ass 2 Trailer: Does It Still Kick Ass?
Kicking posteriors for fun and profit.
The New Pope Is Already On Twitter
Contrary to rumours (that may or may not have been started by me) I am not the new Pope.
Anatomy Of A Scam: How You’re Getting Fleeced On Facebook
I’m happy this was widely shared, because it’s information that people need to know.
Can You Make A Battery Out Of Jelly?
Tasty, tasty batteries.
Shaq Got Blocked When He Went For An Early iPhone
Shaq-y baby. See, I can be a sports writer too. (No. I can’t.)
You Can Now Visit Bletchley Park Online
You should also visit the real thing. It’s the BEST.
Thank Giz It’s Friday: Watch Game Of Thrones In Ten Minutes Flat
Warning: Contains spoilers. (duh)
At Hydrapinion, I was advocating mass App murder in the most violent way possible:
Kill ALL the Apps. Do it now.
I’m not a bad man. I just like killing apps, is all. I’ve got my reasons, man.
Friday was Samsung Galaxy S 4 launch day, and that led to a column at ABC Technology+Games:
Samsung Galaxy S 4: Has smartphone hardware peaked?
Nice phone, but should hardware be secondary to software?

At 30 Seconds Of Tech, I looked into a saucy smartphone:
And in print, the April issue of TechGuide is out. Within its shiny pages, you’ll find my reviews of Joe Danger for iOS, Wreck-It Ralph, New Super Mario Bros U, Ravensword: Shadowlands, Primordia, Need For Speed: Most Wanted, ZombiU and Party Of Sin.
I think that’s enough for a week. Now, to figure out where I left that Elephant…

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