2013 Week Eight: ELVIS!

This week’s roundup is a little later than normal, because — look! Behind you! ELVIS!

Did they buy that? No?
Damn. Life got in the way, but in the meantime, last week if you were seeking out my written work, you could have found it in the Sydney Morning Herald
Sneak peek at next-gen Xbox and PlayStation
“Sony and Microsoft are preparing their next generation of consoles, with plenty of online speculation as to what you’ll be doing with the next generation of games.”
As well as at BIT.com.au
Should you pick Telstra for your next mobile broadband plan?
“Telstra’s announced that it’s ramping up the speed of the devices that access its 4G network, but does that mean that they’re your best small business choice for data services?”
At 30 Seconds of Tech, it was all about the Smartphones:
Image: Foilman

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