Month: June 2016

HFC NBN, Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Telstra outages and more: Vertical Hold Episode 82

HFC NBN has been announced, but it’s just coincidental that there’s an election looming, right? Microsoft wants you to embrace the new features in the Anniversary update to Windows 10, but again it’s coincidental that’s just after the “free upgrade” period ends, right? Meanwhile, Australia’s biggest telco suffers an outage just after annoucing $250 million […]

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WWDC Predictions, Password Leaks and the Death of Windows Mobile: Vertical Hold Episode 78

WWDC is coming, but what will Apple actually show off at its big developer conference? Probably not Windows Mobile, but is that an operating system with a future at all? Meanwhile, every week there’s a new password leak, but what can you do? All this and more in the latest episode!

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