30 Seconds Of Tech: Blackberry Z10

They’re not RIM any more, but they — and by “they”, I now mean “Blackberry” have new phones to show off. Here’s the new touchscreen Blackberry, the Z10.
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While My Guitar Gently Weeps


Gently weeps at the prospect of me playing it, that is. Yep, folks; I purchased myself a guitar. I should probably apologise to music generally now — it might save time later.
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2013: Week Four: Hacking Lives For Fun And Profit

No, not with a machete. Don’t tempt me. In which I take on the title of “Guest Contributor”, and stare deeply into a phone that’s larger than I am. Continue reading “2013: Week Four: Hacking Lives For Fun And Profit”

2013: Week Two: Time To Play The Game…

gameIn which I finish up my brief stint as Guest Editor at Kotaku Australia with articles on bouncing, Doctor Who, Illegal Video Games and why Retro Games are here to stay. Continue reading “2013: Week Two: Time To Play The Game…”

2013: Week One: Game ON

My first working week of 2013 included working up until nearly the last minute of 2012, as well as a lot of games. A whole lot of games. Continue reading “2013: Week One: Game ON”