Google’s Nexus 7: Will Cheap Tablets Make Android Explode Or Implode?

Google has yet another new Nexus. Hurrah! I think. Or do I? It’s all becoming rather complicated over in Android-ville…
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Private Eyes are watching you

Hey, for once, I can totally line up the subject of an article with the act I’m embedding with them. Synchronicity! No, wait, that was The Police, wasn’t it?
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Is there anywhere you can’t buy a phone?

An awful lot of people complain if they can’t find their smartphone, and roughly every three weeks another “wacky” bit of research suggests that they love their phones more than their partner/cat/dog/children/personal-squishy-bits. The thing is, another phone really isn’t that far away.
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How long should vendors provide software support for phones?

Once upon a time, I used to write a lot of stuff about Apple. Slowly, it seems, I’m turning into a Microsoft writer instead.
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Surface Tension

Every time a technology company launches a new tablet product, it inevitably gets compared to Apple’s iPad. Hey, somebody’s got to do it…

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Mmm… Photography Gadgets

Slowly.. very slowly… my photography is improving. Which means that every once in a while, I get to play with very cool gadgets.

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Startin’ All Over Again

Or, everything old is new again, as I make a return to where it all started.

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A Marriage Made In…?

I wasn’t actually planning to be up for this morning’s WWDC keynote… but then fate, in the form of a six year old having a bad dream intervened and woke me anyway. So I caught up quickly…
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Freelance Frenzy!

So, what did I get up to this week? As has been documented elsewhere, I formally signed off from the editorship of Gizmodo Australia and walked back into the world of freelancing, which means I’ve been slowly getting back into serving multiple masters and producing content, although not quite at the rates I once did.
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