Photo Time: Day Five And Day Six

Don’t think of it as running a couple of days late posting these photos. Think of it more as a bonus double feature. Everybody wins!

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Photo Time: Day Four

A really busy day, so I ducked down before hitting the office for today’s photo. With bonus fitness fanatics.

I sort of wanted to get the Opera House peeking from around the corner; I didn't really succeed. But I did run into (not literally) lots of people out for a morning jog. Not a bad place for a run, I suppose.


Added bonus: The same image, run through ToonPaint for iPhone. Silly, but fun.

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Photo Time: Day Three

It was a dark and stormy night. Except for the dark bit, and the fact that it was day. Otherwise, 100% accurate.

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Photo Time: Day Two

A little late in posting due to other factors, but the shot was taken yesterday, at least.
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Photo Time: Day One

While I ponder what form this blog will take on now that I have full time work, a photo challenge, I think.
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Change Of Season

Big things are happening. Quite profound things, really.
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