Laptops, Tablets and the processors that love them…

I spend my own money (yes, I know — I had money. Even I’m shocked by that one) on a laptop. And AMD gets busy testing fish…

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Enter the TouchPad

Head to head with HP’s TouchPad in a new 30 Seconds Of Tech…

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Multi-room Audio & Mobile Printing Mania

More video, and more opinion to close the week out.

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The inevitable slew of Apple Stories

Hey, I write Apple stuff. People even pay me (sometimes) to write Apple stuff. What else were you expecting today?

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Five Random Lion/Macbook Air Thoughts

Alex ponders while Lion downloads….

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Going Gaga over printers

I kick off the week’s content testing a printer supposedly “designed” by Lady Gaga. Surprisingly, it’s not terrible and I’m relatively restrained on the pun front. Honestly!

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Lion Roaring & Salsa Dancing

I delve into the local implications of Apple’s Lion OS strategy, and dance merrily with a phone that turns out to not be quite such as good a deal as it might first seem.

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Smartphone Accessories, Shiny White Laptops & Yet More Broadband Plans

How many smartphone accessories do you really need? Is Apple the only company that can make a good white laptop? And why should you pay more for Broadband based on where you live?

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Social Networks, Pocket Projectors & Really Baggy Pants

I ponder the utility of Google+ and make a badly dated MC Hammer joke. Because I’m sure it must be hip to be retro, right? No? Oh well, it’s my blog anyway. It could have been worse. It could have been yet another Vanilla Ice joke.

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Where do you go from “Ultimate”?

I’m not a big fan of calling products the “Ultimate”. I mean, logically speaking, where do you go when you want to release the next one?

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