Sometimes, I break the news…

into tiny, tiny little pieces. This week’s MacTheBlog post looks at the exciting world of Mac rumours, by way of The Rock, tinned tomatoes and The Amazing Criswell.

MacTheBlog: Apple announces details of iPad 2: Exclusive! “I’ll just pause for a second to duck the rancid tomatoes that are no doubt heading my way. Please, please, remove them from the cans before throwing.”

30 Seconds Of Tech: Sandisk

The 30 seconds of tech concept evolves a little. A deliberate challenge: Can I make a thirty second video about a tech product that, underneath the surface has some nice numbers, but is externally very bland?

Still experimenting with the format and getting a few details, such as the requested superimposed subtitles in there. Thoughts, comments and offers of more exciting gear to film gratefully accepted.

A bit of everything: LTE Wireless, Nokia’s Doomed, Digital Goods, Dull Apples and Borderlands.

A very busy week last week — so busy, that unless you were following my twitter stream intently, you missed out on my plugging my latest work. Something I’ll make up for here. At, I’ve reviewed a media streamer:

AC Ryan Playon!HD Essential: “AC Ryan, as a brand name, sounds rather like the name you’d associate with a US soap star. We can picture the stubble, the slightly rippled abs and the possibility of an eye patch right now.”

At Hydrapinion, I pondered on Nokia’s future:

Is Nokia Doooooooomed? “Nokia’s announcement late last week that it was switching its smartphone focus to Windows Phone 7 drew a lot of criticism…”

At Geekspeak, a column on the future of mobile broadband:

Geekspeak: The Fastest Wireless — That You Might Never Get: “Wireless internet has changed the way we work, communicate and play, but it’s not without its limitations…”

and a column on the perils of buying digital-only goods:

Geekspeak: The Perils Of Digital Buying: “It’s a problem that’s only going to grow in scope…”

Then at a returning MacTheBlog, I pondered on whether Apple’s really all that cutting edge at all:

MacTheBlog: Is Apple’s cutting edge getting blunt? “The closest one came to an Apple was the fruit juice being served at the bar, and even that was orange.”

and a Mac review of a game I’ve probably spent more time playing over the last year than any other. Make of that what you will.

Borderlands Game Of The Year Edition (Mac): “I’ve got to stop playing Borderlands. This isn’t because it’s a bad game, or it’s destroying my marriage, or convincing me to go out and shoot things with flaming bullets (although that is kinda tempting)…”

30 Seconds Of Tech: Samsung Galaxy Launch

An experimental idea I’ve been kicking around in my head for a while now. I attend a lot of product launches, and get some good hands-on time with products. It’s typically not enough to form a proper review, but it is good for showing off products. And that’s what thirty seconds of tech is meant to be all about. Not so heavy on the detail, or for that matter the lingering shot. Just the shiny, shiny gadgets and gear.

To B, or not to B?

Let’s see how far I can take this alliteration thing, shall we? A bewildering and beautiful bevy (a barrage, one could say) of brilliantly scribed features await your consideration today.

Broadband to begin, at PC & Tech Authority:

Internode cuts plans down to keep things “Easy” “Sixty different Internode plans bite the dust while add-on packs proliferate. So should you be taking a closer look at Internode’s four types of Easy Broadband plans?”

From Broadband to budgetary considerations at Hydrapinion, as I ponder on my next bag-suitable computing purchase:

Notebook, Netbook, Ultra-light? “Competition in the notebook space has rather blurred the differences between all three types of notebooks, and that leaves me pondering several options.”

Before finally some beguiling buds for your ears (if you’re an iPhone user) at

a-Jays Four: “It’s all but impossible to open a review of iPhone-compatible headphones without commenting on the quality of the headphones you get in the box with every iPhone. They’re rubbish.”

This week’s content, brought to you by the letter “A”

A is for Alex. And alliteration.

A is for “Alex is ascribed as the author of these A-themed articles”.

See, Sesame Street did teach me something. Maybe.

First up, at

Astone Media Gear AP-110D: “The 110D is a media streamer short on frills. It works, but don’t expect fancy interfaces or a high quality remote control.”

Then, at Hydrapinion, musings on Android:

How do Android Tablets make money? “In terms of locally available models, Android tablets have, to date, been a tad disappointing…”

Then at Geekspeak, it’s all about AMD:

AMD’s Fusion of speed and budget processing: “In any case, AMD’s solution to go head to head with high performance Sandy Bridge, is, simply put, not to do so at all.”

And finally, there’s a lot of my content in Australian PC User. Sure, that’s usually referenced as PC User, but the first word in the title is still Australian, so it still counts. The March issue features a roundup of budget ADSL2+ Modem Routers, a roundup of password management utilities and standalone reviews of the excellent Fritzbox Fon WLAN 7390, Optus Mini WiFi Modem, Acronis True Image Home 2011, Metroview Australia for iPad, Optus MyTab, Soniq T1000 PVR, Samsung Omnia 7, Plantronics Backbeat 903+ and Donkey Kong Country Returns.

I make no promise, mind you, that my next series of articles will all be B-themed. But anything’s possible.