Month: January 2011

Dell Inspiron, Optus Mini WiFi, Motorola Defy and More

It’s mid-January already? How did that happen? While most folks took the Christmas/New Year’s week off in late 2010, I’ve bucked with tradition, instead taking it a little easy over the past week. “A Little Easy” in this case involves driving more than 4,000km in the last ten days (and I don’t even like driving), […]

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2011. It's like 2010, but turned up to eleven.

First order of business for 2011 would be the publishing of material that was, technically speaking, written in 2010. It’s like a time machine in here! First up, at PC & Tech Authority, an article that was originally briefed as a tech for 2011 wishlist, but mutated along the way. It’s why Head Over Heels […]

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