Month: October 2009

Just the facts, ma'am…

Too tired. Too many screaming children, puddles of sick and lack of sleep. And reviews at Sangean DPR-69 Plus: “Sangean’s cute DRP-69 Plus isn’t quite portable or desk bound, and isn’t quite sharp enough to make it a must-have DAB.” Lexmark Interact S605: “Lexmark’s S605 carries a premium price, but the clever touchscreen features […]

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Bang Bang Maxwell's Silver Hammer came down upon her head…

Wow. Paul’s a nasty bit of work, isn’t he? It’s the Cop Killa of its generation, clearly. And yet, somehow, the Fab Four are still seen as Fab, and not advocates of brutal hammer-related murder. And now, back to reality. Actually, let’s sidestep actual reality, and step into the world of Augmented Reality* with this […]

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