I hope my legs don’t break… walking on the moon.

I certainly do. Hang on.. what am I doing on the moon? Wouldn’t a lack of oxygen (and for that matter, pressure) be a rather more pressing problem?

Lucky I’m not on the moon, then, eh?

It has been a little while inbetween updates (well, at least by my clock), although that shouldn’t stop the relentless (some would say heartless) Kidman self-promotional machine. After all, if I don’t promote me — who will?*

First up, some quick online news at PC Authority yesterday:

TiVo hard drive lands in Australia: “Western Digital 1TB drive will cost $299 as TiVo gears up for more than 100 new Movie On Demand titles.”

I’m also, as is often the case, featured heavily in the latest issue of Netguide Magazine. Within its pages, you’ll find my reviews of LCD Monitors for every budget, as well as standalone reviews of the Toshiba A300, iLife 09, iWork 09, Altec Lansing Expressionist Classic Speakers, HTC Dream, Logitech Harmony 1100i, Linksys Media Hub, VHS To DVD 3.0, Corsair Flash Survivor 32GB, Warhammer 40K: Dawn Of War II, Empire: Total War, 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand and Streetfighter IV, as well as a tutorial guide to setting up Skype 4.0 and the broadband table as well.

Work too hard? Don’t know the meaning of the word.

*Note: This is not a plea for PR representation. I get the feeling that I’d have a rather interesting, noisy, and probably quite short PR career were I ever to try…

Hamagangur, ég þusti niður að læknum, bjargvættur.

And I think we’ve all felt that way, haven’t we?

(The parties responsible for me listening to such enlightened stuff know who they are. Appropriate punishments will be handed out at the allotted time.)

An unusual week, this one, as I’ve been balancing my work flow against my wife’s residential schools and assignment duties and house cleaning and keeping the kids amused and dealing with a two year old with a broken arm and speech pathology and unruly chickens and… and… and..* It’s enough to leave anyone feeling more than a bit búinn, really.

It’s a miracle I’ve written anything at all. But write I have; witness this review live at CNET.com.au as proof.

Samsung HKT600: “You could argue that the HKT600’s design has “industrial chic” if you wished. Or you could look at it and suspect that it served some time as a classic Dr Who prop.”

* Sleep. Oh Sleep. Wherefore art thou, sleep?

But I don’t care what people may say… I ain’t gonna let it ruin my day

I need a little positivity today. Possibly quite a bit, and my current song choice reflects that. Sure, chances are you’ve never heard it, but when has that ever stopped me?

I must get around to writing more original content for this blog — I’ve got a cracking idea based around a horrible experience at IKEA on the weekend bubbling away — but as usual, that pesky “work” thing keeps getting in the way. Then again, it does pay the bills. So, help out as only you can, by reading this week’s Mac Authority blog at PC Authority:

Mac Authority: App-itis: how many apps is your iPhone running? If you see me running down the street whooping with elation, you’ll know I was wrong...”

Ziggy played for time, jiving us that we were voodoo


Drugs will do that to you.

I’d like to say I led a drug-free life, but my ongoing affair with caffeine rather puts that to a lie.

Meanwhile, at CNET.com.au, I wrote this, and it’s only as I write this blog entry that I realise I missed the BLINDINGLY OBVIOUS Phil Collins Sussudio joke. Darn.

Sudio Vogue: “The Sudio Vogue might live up to its namesake by being eye-catching, but otherwise this is a seriously average speakerphone.”

Tank fly boss walk jam nitty gritty you’re listening to the boy from the big bad city

Now there’s a lyric you don’t hear every day. But it’s been a tough week. Just be good to me, OK?

It seems I was wrong yesterday in thinking I wouldn’t get an initial NBN story out the gate; a quick bit of analysis later and you get the following at PC Authority:

Rudd’s New NBN: Five upsides, five downsides: “Kevin Rudd’s announcement yesterday that, in effect, the winner of the NBN process was nobody was something of a jaw-dropping moment. Should broadband users be overjoyed by the NBN, or cautiously wary?”

Meanwhile, at CNET.com.au, I was getting really busy:

Sanyo Xacti VPC-CG10EXBK HD Dual Camera: “Sanyo’s entry-level portable camcorder is very portable indeed, but suffers with some design and implementation flaws.”

Asus SDRW-08D1S-U External DVD-RW Drive: “External DVD writers are never going to be exciting, but at least Asus’ effort looks pretty.”

Samsung SyncMaster 2333SW 23-inch LCD Monitor: “Samsung’s attractive “cream” monitor has a lot of upside, once you get the annoying base unit snapped on.”

But now it’s full of evil clowns…

Some sleep would be nice right about now. But my time is heavily constrained; not only do I have work, but also the “fun” (if it can be called that) of a two year old with a broken wrist. Sleep… yeah, that’ll be the day.

Work, though, continues apace. Firstly, there’s my regular Mac Blog at PC Authority:

Mac Authority: Microsoft’s Ads are clever, but why are they bothering? “Alex Kidman thinks Microsoft’s latest anti-Apple ad campaign is clever, but isn’t quite sure what the point is…”

Those who follow my Twitter feed would also have seen my very quick take on today’s NBN announcement. I figured (correctly, as it turned out) that my regular news outlets would already have somebody on that beat for longer stories, so I just added to the NBN discussion online, for a change.pcu_may09

In the print world, I’m all over the May issue of Australian PC User Magazine. Start at page 28 — four pages of flash drive testing in all its glory. Jump forth to page 46 for a couple of pages on flash memory cards, continuing a memory theme, really. But I’m only just getting warmed up, with standalone reviews of the HTC Dream, Logitech Harmony 1100i, Altec Lansing Expressionist Classic Speakers and D-Link DSM-210. I’m still not done yet, though! On the games front, there’s what I suspect is the only review anyone’s ever done of the Rock Mee (there’s a reason for that, but I won’t spoil the mag by saying why), and the rather more frequently reviewed 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand and Street Fighter IV to boot.

Got a funny kind of feeling, like I got broken glass in my underwear and a herd of wild pigs is trying to chew off my head…

Apparently, trying to get a Kidman brother to keep quiet is a futile thing — or at least that’s what I’ve heard, most recently at a phone launch on Wednesday.

You can judge for yourself, thanks to an all-new publishing venture, MacTheMag, and the associated podcast. A quick tip — I’m the one rambling slightly, possibly due to not having had much sleep the night before. Or perhaps it’s a Kidman thing…

MacThePodcast: Episode 1 — Acqualia: “MJCP and Alex Kidman chat with Zac Cohan and Nik Youdale from Acqualia, developer of Picturesque and Soulver.”

The most popular of all our escapades was undoubtedly the one called, quite simply, “Setting Fire To The Policeman”…

My postman brings me all sorts of interesting things. I’m still not entirely convinced that he doesn’t pinch bits along the way — any number of “missing” parcels attests that somebody has sticky fingers somewpca_may09here along the postal trail.

Today, though, he bought me the latest issue of Australian PC Authority. Which is lucky, because I’m in the May issue.

For the Mac fans, there’s my reviews of the new iMac and Mac Mini, as well as a column discussing Mac Security and beachballs.

For the games fans, there’s games news (including a really awful Streetfighter pun), as well as reviews of Warhammer 40,000: Dawn Of War II and Empire: Total War.

And if neither of those topics interest you, there’s a great photo of me on page 96. No centrefold… yet.