Month: December 2008

You took a whole lotta loving for a handful of nothing…

How would you measure that handful of nothing? Presumably not by weight. Why is it a handful, anyway? I could deliver nothing by the truckload, in my special fleet of invisible trucks, for a low, low price!* In the land of not-nothing, yesterday’s Windkintosh story has been slashdotted, and predictably, the Slashdotiverse thinks I suck, […]

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You've got me so confused, and there's words I could use…

I’m doing an Alison-Moyet-Listening day today, as you might be able to tell. But hey, on the on the subject of words, I have plenty published today. First of all, at Mobile Firefox coming to Nokia: “Ambitious plans will see Firefox mobile ported to Symbian Smartphones, possibly by as early as April next year.” […]

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And everything I had to know, I heard it on my radio…

More news, reviews and not-terribly idle speculation today. It’s enough to send one GaGa… First up, at PC Authority: Macworld 2009 rumour mill: Windkintosh? “Unofficial “official” WiFi drivers brings the Mac Netbook ever closer — albeit in a shady legal fashion.” And then a pair of reviews at coming out of the recent Adelaide […]

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