Movember, Day 30: Mo’ment of Victory!

Take a good hard look at the Mo’, folks, because tomorrow, it’ll be gone.

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Movember, Day 29: Mo’mentary

I’m agonisingly close. Agonising, I tells ya..

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Movember, Day 28: Mo’ Chins…

Time is running out. But I’m not running out of chins.

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Movember, Day 27: Mo’ving right along…

A stunning new locale for bad, grainy shots of Alex.

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Movember, Day 26: Mo’tley

No, not the dog from Wacky Races…

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Oh, I Love Trash…

As anyone looking inside my office could see right now.

Yes, I do still have an office, and I do still write things for money. News things, like this piece at PC Authority:

iiNet to offer Xbox downloads quota free: “Large demos no longer a quota problem. While online gaming will eat up a small portion of your quota, it’s in the field of game demos and add-on packs that this could offer significant value.”

Or this satirical piece at

APC Mag submits bid for National Bluescreen Network: “Bluescreen returns, and this time, it’s all about money. Oh, and the fastest bluescreens this country has ever seen. But mostly money.”

Movember, Day 25: Get your Mo’tor running…

Or what drives Alex to be so particularly keen on Movember…

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Movember, Day 24: Mo’tivation

I have a goal in mind. Will you help me reach it?

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Movember, Day 23: Mo’aning

Once again, I’m a famous person. Well, apparently. Fame is relative. I bet my father would be pleased, though.

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Movember, Day 22: Mo’staken Identity

Who is this mystery man?

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